Leading Ghana by Heart, by Her Anthem.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. Still…


This Country that we must love, she

sometimes kills –
sometimes literally – her own futures –

with great hate and gore,
with calculated accident and madness –

futures she will not even make time to know,
futures she will not watch grow…


major mahamah

How to Make a Nation Great and Strong… 


The average politician – in the voice of those who say ‘average Ghanaian‘ without flinching –  should by now know that the Ghanaian is no more forgetful, not gullible, cannot be taken for granted, will not just overlook, will not go without asking questions, asking for accountability, and above all, will not have his/her intelligence, discernment and discretion insulted.

The said wind of change is here, and President elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should know and remember – if he doesn’t already – the reasons that made John Mahama get shown the exit door.

But Nana will not have to keep anything in mind, he doesn’t have to fulfill any promises.

Yes, I just said he should forget about his promises. All of them.

The many Ghanaians voted for him more because they were tired with an indifferent, failing government, a leadership that was going nowhere and everywhere.

Amanfuor were just tired and could not imagine living through it all for another four years, so much so that they didn’t mind making history by changing a government after only one term in office.

I believe in Ghana, and I want to see Nana succeed and prove that he did, and still believes in Ghana. He only has to listen and govern well, make us trust his motives and decisions even when we don’t agree with or understand him, and he needs to show integrity and a sense of purpose which some of us so much miss.

Simply, he has to lead and lead great.

Then, God willing, we will see him at the other side of the ballot box next four years.

And of course, let all of us give Nana Addo all the respect, support and love, for the sake of one and all, for the sake of country and the making of a nation, great and strong.

And God continue to bless our Homeland Ghana.

– Saturday, 10 December 2016 · 


nana addo 23


In Defence of the Cause of Freedom and of Right.

…Cherish Fearless Honesty…and Resist Opressor’s Rule…


I just finished watching a short documentary about the best known J.J. in this Land of my birth, Ghana.

What I learnt?


Good and Bad, Focus and Excess: it’s largely about perspective; it’s not always a matter of only black and white. Grey too happens. Often.


When a people have long been taken for granted, long been thirsty for any form of change, a very little spark is all that is needed, all that will set into motion what may be hailed as ‘redemption‘ – I mean, ‘revolution‘.


One can never (fully) predict the immense, transforming power of leadership, when there is a visionary leader who is armed with more conviction and actionable ideas than with mere talk and apparent action. Then, the loyalty of the people, the followers, will be so fixed – not necessarily on the person(ality) of their leader, but on the leader as the bearer of the direly sought-after message and change of the given times. And it should come as no wonder when and if this loyalty degenerates into an unthinking, insensitive – nearly fetish – one. You may call it a cult, or something of the sort.


Dear Land of my birth, do you ever learn, forward?


– Tuesday, 25 April, 2017.




 *   *   *


Love and let Love lead,


Kumasi, 23-July-2017.

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