On Rest, A Response and Reciprocity-of-a-Kind.

Rest: Re-charge. Relax. Re-Fresh. 

Sometimes the angst of getting stuck, of not being able to bring one’s self to move on, to keep on striving, has little – if not nothing – to do with the sheer absence or waning of zeal, strength, diligence, inspiration et al.

There must be some time – no matter how brief – to wait to replenish one’s energy reserves; to pause, to reflect and to put into perspective the journey-so-far; or simply, to spend worthwhile moment to re-FRESH-en the totality of one’s being.

IF you must.
WHEN you must.

For IF one considers how stale and lethargic the stamina of ‘moving on’ would be without it, RESTing cannot be counted a waste of time.

And WHEN one can honestly judge that s/he needs it, and has ‘worked’ hard enough to sort of earn it, then REST cannot be a brilliant excuse to indulge oneself in momentary idleness, – laziness, even.

So if you really must, Rest.
And when you do need to, do Rest.

…there must be a reason why on day seven, even God, did REST.

*for R

– Tuesday, 22 July, 2014.



…My Response (in a Conversation).


alone feeds no one.
in itself does nothing to shift, to lift the load.
In fact, hope has never been, and probably, never will, be an end in itself.


There are times when we cling to hope, not because we don’t know, we can’t do, or even, that we haven’t seen better. Those are the times when our

being may not  depend on it. Hope.


Our centre-ing, our sanity, our stamina may (depend on it).                                                 That there will always be The Next Lap, The Next Level to a place, some place – the positively unsatisfied, the progressive – should be enough evidence that

hope will be around for a long time, for as long as (wo)man is….

– Monday, 28 July 2014.

hope pix

photo credit


Integrity: Reciprocity.

Seeing and believing in the best of others does not necessarily make us naive,
vulnerable, or even foolish. Rather, it is one of the best ways to make others want
to see and to believe the best in us too, and even better, make us (at least, want 
to) be the best that we truly are, and or are capable of. Call it
karma. Call it

reciprocity. I call it not just talking and not just walking the talk,

but being

and becoming the talk. And I call it integrity.    

* for M

– Saturday, 21 June 2014 

walk the talk

photo credit 

*  *



– Sunday, 23 July, 2017; Kumasi.

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