CloudYOU! – #TheSprout (Part 2)

*This poem is the first in my CloudYOU! poetry series. Learn more about the series in the Introduction


…and tonight too, your
name, you – all of
you – are

the cloud caught
high and heavy in
my head, my heart.

the cloud that
abides but is
yet to let down, shed
its rain…yes, rain.
like water. like dew.
generous, in flood.

Sea Accra Dusk

Photo mine. Dusk at the beach somewhere in between the Lighthouse and Sempe, both in Ga Mashi, Accra Central, Ghana.                               Circa September 2017.

and tonight too, moonshine
is still no sunlight. the soaked
sponge scraps sore. for once,

words threaten

to fail. corn bites before it
fills. presence is distant. fish is
funny. muse-ic plays shy and
dull…and…well, You still are

that cloud.
just like that.
tonight too.




– Friday, 3rd March 2018; North Kaneshie, Accra.


*This poem first appeared on my Facebook account on 23rd November, 2017.




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