CloudYOU! – #ThePlant (Part 5)

This poem is the fourth in my CloudYOU! series. Learn more about the series in the Introduction. Read the first, second and third poems. 


the day before this new one
I saw and heard and tasted
You everywhere I turned
yes, again

but that is not
why I write
today too
about you.

the night before this coming one
I was wondering if I want, if I
can count You among my many
coming new mornings


Photo mine. Dusk at the beach somewhere in between the Lighthouse and Sempe, both in Ga Mashi, Accra Central, Ghana. Circa September 2017.

or the
quartered, minced
hearts of yore.

the day before this new day
I had to pinch and pain myself
with the kind of cloud that
You are, that You are

to remain
to me.





– Monday, 16 April 2018; North Kaneshie, Accra.

*An earlier version of this poem first appeared on my Facebook page.

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