Verse-ions of Love. Some.

They say it’s the month of Love.

Having already explained how I feel about Love Poems and about my writing them, I now fulfill my promise of sharing…

I suggest not-so-popular verse-ions of It, Love. Somewhere in there, the brown of Cakes and Chocolates decidedly take on a non-lovey-dovey meaning. Somewhere in there, I experiment with good old Haiku. Somewhere in there, a not-exactly simple Smile pulls up a surprise. Somewhere in there Life happens. These plus more. In three poems.

You may call them Love Poems. I hope you en-Joy, Love them.


Tears in the Rain

in the heat and hate

of day, two hearts decided

to collide and fall…


in the heat and hate

of day, two hearts decided

to collide and fall


in secret, they wrought

a world where love’s sweet and deep

and life’s fine and fair


street lights and life pinched

and gnawed their dainty world far

beyond redemption


shame and rain tipped down

the heads of two who lost a

war ‘ere it started


rains mix with brine on

the faces of two who lost

that odd war of words


with quiet tears and locked

hands, they get real – they lay fresh

wreaths on their failed world


another world dies!

and none,  nothing of, from our

world thought to mourn it!



A squirt of hot chocolate

drips, slips

between lip and finger. The sweet

stale taste

of life and of growth. A segment of the

yummy, spongy


inside of a birthday cake! The


mirth of youth both fades and finds

grace in the good cold hands of time. The

eternal brevity of everything towering                                                                                        

mighty and all things damn mundane. The

brief eternity between birth and death. The

patch of damp, virgin, savoury

earth shoveled out, to


pave way for the grave! A green green


leaf falls near a wreath of fresh flowers                                                                                                 

on the man-made mound, the second womb

of  the other man. The green green

fallen leaf – it only shrivels all

of its promise, its


world away! What wastage!


The somber shroud

of everything proud,

meek and weak; of

the hates and vanities and beauties,

the loves and legends and glories


through the yellowing pages of the ages…


                                    – Tue., 23rd October, 2012



I traveled


to continents,

across countries

over          contours

under              currents

around                  corners

through                      countless

hues of life and time, and of realms and worlds


I returned


I met Smile

smeared all this while

on my face

We shook hands in greeting



seared the fears

drained the doubts

firmed the faith

let in the sun


Smile then,

lifted my head up

curved my lips

squared my shoulders

left my doors ajar…



lingers around

comes bursting in

sometimes, any time

as Laughter!


             Sat., 20th September, 2008 and Wed., 3rd March 2010





                                   Friday, 12th February 2016

– Dansoman, Accra