Aisha Nelson

Bio: Aisha is a lover of - in no particular - Love, corn, photo(walking), words, fish, questions, water, books, creative intelligence, sun(light) - even though she is diehard nocturnal - and the eternal list of not-so-little, simple things which this thing called Life means and teaches, brings and is filled with.... Aisha dreams, writes, thinks and lives in Accra, Ghana, where she also is a college teacher of Literature and English Language. Her poems were shortlisted by Poetry Foundation Ghana in 2012 and Erbacce Press in 2014; Stag-nation was the winning entry in Akwantuo Writing’s 2015 Harmattan Poetry Contest. Her other poetry, short fiction and non-fiction have featured in outlets including Accra Theatre Workshop, One Ghana One Voice, Kalahari Review, Munyori Journal, Saraba Literary Magazine, Phillis Wheatley Chapter, Prairie Schooner and Caine Prize’s 2015 short story anthology, 'Lusaka Punk and Other Stories'

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